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About Us

About Us

Circle-Back founders, Ben and Nancy Fortson, have 35-years experience in the nonprofit sector working with leaders of wilderness and residential camping programs, colleges and universities, charitable organizations and child-protection agencies.  

Circle-Back exists for three reasons:*


  1. To foster a work environment of integrity, humility and empowerment.


  2. To help nonprofit organizations excel through experienced feedback.

  3. To cultivate first-class leadership.

Today, along with consulting, Ben is a freelance writer and illustrator, while Nancy manages a local business. The Fortsons reside in Black Mountain, North Carolina, where they are actively involved with several nonprofits. 

* Why did we establish Circle-Back? You can read our Loose Cannon Leaders "origin story" here.  It's an entertaining read!


“We can’t just sit back and wait for feedback to be offered, particularly when we’re in a leadership role. If we want feedback to take root in our culture, we need to explicitly ask for it.” - Ed Bautista

The requisite for feedback... and for ascertaining the fit and feasibility of hiring a leadership consultant? You must make the ask. Nonprofit leaders face many unique challenges, particularly in the area of finances. We recognize this challenge and seek to provide experienced feedback at reasonable rates. Contact us with your ideas, needs and questions. We'll be glad to chat with you and pleased to provide an estimate.


Getting Started

Use the contact form below to get in touch.  Briefly tell us areas where you'd like some experienced feedback. We'll contact you to set up an initial meeting. 

We'll spend some time getting to know you and your organization—and give you an opportunity to learn about Circle-Back. Together, we'll determine if we're a good fit for your needs... and we'll move forward accordingly.

Contact Us

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Getting Started
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