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Ben Fortson

 Writer, Cartoonist and Leadership Consultant*

based in North Carolina


* After years of enjoyable work in a remarkably entertaining industry, my wife and I also conspire with nonprofits, promoting their health and welfare.  To learn more, click on this link:  Circle-Back.


Almost Off the Record

History Comics

"Offering a wide assortment of fascinating and well-researched history, these two volumes of Almost Off the Record serve up an entertaining read and laugh-out-loud illustrations. For the history lover who enjoys nonfiction narrative and imaginative conjecture (bipolar historicity types), these stories combine unique historical events with the somewhat implausible what-if-it-actually-happened-this-way musings of the author.  It's all a hoot... and you'll even learn something along the way!"

Click on a book to see a sample comic.

Excerpts and reviews at this link

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Excerpts and reviews at this link

A Nutshell History of North Carolina

"Astutely combining well-researched history, captivating stories and comical illustrations, A Nutshell History of North Carolina takes the reader on an engaging and witty journey through the annals of Carolina history.  Providing a chronological summary of pivotal events and faces in the history of the Tar Heel State, Fortson delivers a perceptive and thorough overview of all that makes North Carolina, North Carolina."

  • A brilliant writer of a new genre of history. - J.C.

  • I could not put it down. No matter if you’re a NC native or you got to NC as fast as you could, you’ll enjoy this great read. - A.C.

  • Scholarly and thoughtful, at the same time comical and thoroughly engaging, this book has inspired me to visit all the corners of my new home state. - LP

Current Book
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Just For Laughs... and Reflection


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Formerly an outdoor education instructor, college professor, camp director, furniture-maker and youth sports coach. These days, I assist nonprofits, sharpen tools, write and drawwith a love for finding humor in the incongruous and ordinary.


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